VIDEO: Watch The Red Devils put ParadropVR™ through its paces at iFLY Basingstoke


VIDEO: Watch The Red Devils put ParadropVR™ through its paces at iFLY Basingstoke

Filmed at the official press launch of ParadropVR™ at iFLY Basingstoke, members of the British Army Freefall Parachute Regiment Display Team can be seen enjoying virtual reality paragliding attraction, ParadropVR

As the British Army’s Freefall Parachute Regiment Display Team, the Red Devils are all full time serving paratroopers who return to combat duties when required during their posting with the team. Who better to put the new virtual reality paragliding attraction to the test?

The team of adrenaline-junkies flew into iFLY Basingstoke this week and gave ParadropVR™ a resounding thumbs-up.

Watch the video here:

iFLY Basingstoke General Manager, Tracy Goffin said:

“We’ve been delighted with the feedback from customers since launching ParadropVR™ at our centre. Now visitors can not only try their hand at indoor skydiving but also experience the sensation and freedom of paragliding – all under one roof! 

From nine year old kids to professional canopy flyers – they love the realistic flying experience and the skill-based game offers another layer of fun and competition.”

“As an operator, the spectator experience offered by ParadropVR™ is a big part of the appeal. As soon as visitors see guests on the ride, they want to have a go themselves. The fact you can see exactly what your friends and family are experiencing in virtual reality is a real draw.”

Frontgrid CEO, Matt Wells said:

We’re really grateful to the British Army’s Red Devils Freefall Parachute Display Team for giving up their time to come and fly ParadropVR™. It was great fun to see the guys competing against each other and trying to beat the high score!”

“As the world’s largest indoor skydiving company, it’s been great to work with the team at iFLY and hear the positive feedback from guests. We know from discussions with other leisure operators that there’s growing demand for immersive attractions which offer an active, skill-based experience that encourages repeat play.

We’ve been very encouraged by feedback since launching ParadropVR™ to the market last year, and look forward to announcing several exciting new global locations over the coming months.”

About ParadropVR


ParadropVR™ is a trademark of global adventure leisure and attractions specialists Frontgrid Ltd ( The premium virtual reality attraction simulates flying a paraglider,  combining self-controlled physical movement, free roam virtual reality content and a skill-based game to encourage repeat visitation. 

Following an agreement with the world’s largest indoor skydiving company iFLY, a two unit installation of ParadropVR™ launched at iFLY Basingstoke in November 2018. Positioned as an extension to iFLY’s existing indoor skydiving offering, ParadropVR™ gives guests of all ages and abilities an opportunity to experience the thrill of paragliding in a safe and controlled environment.


The installation at iFLY Basingstoke has been fully customised and branded to provide a holistic brand experience to iFLY guests, including a leader board and spectator seating area.

iFLY guests can book the virtual reality paragliding experience online via the website, or purchase as an up-sell on the day. iFLY has also recently launched a package offer for parties and events, which it is promoting to schools and groups.

Available in configurations from 1-40+ seats, ParadropVR™ is a fully turnkey attraction suitable for a range of venues including theme parks, shopping malls, FECs and destination visitor attractions.


The world-first ParadropVR™ installation launched at Universe Science Park in Denmark in spring 2018, with subsequent installations at Merlin Entertainments’ The Bear Grylls Adventure and iFLY Basingstoke launching later in the year.


Frontgrid Ltd recently announced that it will be launching a ParadropVR City Flyer experience at the King Power Mahanakhon in Bangkok this summer, with further global locations due to be announced.

Contact Details 


For further details, images and interview requests for ParadropVR™, please contact: Claire Hughes, Head of Communications at Frontgrid Ltd


Email:  | Tel: 07815 845 478


About iFLY indoor skydiving


iFLY, formerly known in the UK as Airkix, is the home of indoor skydiving with over 70 wind tunnels operating around the world.


The first purpose-built wind tunnel in the UK opened in Milton Keynes in October 2005. This was followed in 2009 by Manchester and in 2013 by Basingstoke. Anyone aged 3 -103 can experience the adrenaline-charged feeling of freefalling indoors within a safe environment.


iFLY works simply and safely. The wind tunnel circulates air into the flight chamber – the flyer simply leans forward into the wind (usually around 110mph) and assumes a horizontal flying position.


iFLY consistently scores an average satisfaction rating of around 95% in the post flight survey and all three tunnels hold the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2018.


The iFLY Paraflight Virtual Reality experience is currently available at Basingstoke and will be added to Manchester and Milton Keynes soon.


For iFLY press enquiries please contact: / 0117 973 3300




ParadropVR City Flyer to Launch at King Power Mahanakhon, Summer 2019


ParadropVR City Flyer to Launch at King Power Mahanakhon, Summer 2019

ParadropVR City Flyer to launch at King Power Mahanakhon, Thailand’s new architectural landmark in summer 2019.

Imagine paragliding around one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities, darting between sky scrapers and taking in the sights. This vision is about to become reality, thanks to a world-first innovation by ParadropVR.


Guests at King Power Mahanakhon in Bangkok will be able to take the world’s first self-controlled VR flight around a major city when ParadropVR City Flyer launches at the iconic new destination later this year.  


Riders will sit in a suspended paragliding harness wearing a VR headset, using a full range of controls to fly around a 4km area of the city rendered in virtual reality. Sound and wind effects add to the realistic flying effect, and the whole experience will be gameified for an additional layer of fun and exhilaration.


Located on the 4th floor of King Power Mahanakhon, the ParadropVR City Flyer installation is due to launch during summer 2019.


Frontgrid CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Wells said:


“We’re excited to be launching the world’s first ParadropVR City Flyer at King Power Mahanakhon in Bangkok. To be part of such an iconic new development is a real honour, and reflects the confidence King Power have in our product.”


“By combining bespoke VR content with a skill-based game and self-controlled physical movement, ParadropVR City Flyer gives destination-based visitor attractions an opportunity to engage guests in a completely new and exciting way.”


“Unlike other simulators, the ParadropVR City Flyer gives riders a completely interactive and personalised experience with no two passengers taking the same route. It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, and provides the kind of premium VR experience high-end operators want to offer their guests.”



About ParadropVR™ City Flyer


ParadropVR™ is a trademark of global adventure leisure and attractions specialists Frontgrid ( Developed in partnership with dynamic simulations specialist Simworx, the world-first VR paragliding attraction launched in spring 2018 and is already delighting operators and guests at several entertainment and leisure locations worldwide.


The ParadropVR City Flyer is the second world-first innovation to be launched by Frontgrid. The premium virtual reality attraction uses bespoke media content to give guests a thrilling flying experience in a defined urban environment, customised to each destination.


A fully turnkey attraction, Frontgrid manage all aspects of the experience from media content production and integration, to installation supervision.  


Available in configurations from 4-40+ seats, ParadropVR™ City Flyer is suitable for a range of venues including destination visitor attractions, airports, cultural and heritage attractions and shopping malls.


Contact Details

For more information or photographs, please contact Claire Hughes, Head of Communications at Frontgrid (

For product enquiries regarding ParadropVR, contact Matt Wells, Frontgrid co-founder and CEO (



Try ParadropVR at IAAPA Expo 2018: Book your ride today

Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to experience ParadropVR from November 13th to 16th on the Simworx Booth, 3069.

A limited number of VIP tickets are available for anyone wishing to come and try the ride during show hours, giving priority access. Anyone wishing to request a ticket should contact Claire Hughes, Head of Communications at Frontgrid, by emailing


A new ParadropVR video has been launched ahead of IAAPA, giving a taste of the ParadropVR experience:


Frontgrid CEO, Matt Wells said:


“ParadropVR™ offers a premium immersive VR experience unlike anything else in the market. Users control their own flight over mountainous terrain, controlling all aspects of the physical and virtual gameplay – we can’t wait to give people the opportunity to try it for themselves at IAAPA 2018”


“The modular design and versatility of the product allows operators the opportunity to theme the ride and VR content to suit a multitude of brands, IPs and location based entertainment sites. We’re expecting the show to be very busy, so are asking anyone who wants to try ParadropVR to get in touch now to book their VIP test flight.”


“It’s been a full-on few weeks launching our world-first VR flying attraction at The Bear Grylls Adventure and iFLY, as well as signing new deals with several high profile leisure operators around the world. We’re looking forward to discussing these and other developments with old and new friends at IAAPA next week.”


ParadropVR to launch at Merlin Entertainment’s £20M global first adventure attraction, The Bear Grylls Adventure


ParadropVR to launch at Merlin Entertainment’s £20M global first adventure attraction, The Bear Grylls Adventure

Fully immersive paragliding experience will continue the adventure when ParadropVR opens at Merlin Entertainment’s iconic new attraction at the NEC in Birmingham, UK

A new generation of thrill-seekers will be introduced to the physical and mental exhilaration of paragliding when ParadropVR launches at The Bear Grylls Adventure next month.

ParadropVR combines cutting-edge VR technology with a suspended paragliding harness that moves up and down, offering a safe, fun and incredibly realistic paragliding experience. With jets blowing air into their faces to add to the sense of speed, riders steer their paraglider through steep mountain valleys, flying through hoops to collect points on their descent.

The Bear Grylls Adventure was created and inspired by Bear’s own military experiences and past adventures from across the globe. ParadropVR will be added to the adrenalin-fuelled suite of activities on offer alongside diving, iFLY (Indoor Skydiving), rock climbing and the highest free-roam high ropes course in Europe.

Provided by Frontgrid Ltd and Immersivity Ltd, ParadropVR will launch at The Bear Grylls Adventure in late October 2018.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director New Brands at Merlin Entertainments said:

“ParadropVR is a totally unique way for visitors to experience the thrill and adrenaline of paragliding. It’s a natural fit alongside our other adventures as we bring Earth’s greatest challenges to life in new ways.”

“Our team were instantly hooked by ParadropVR – it's exhilarating, exciting and importantly – offers the type of world class experience we want to offer our guests.”

Matt Wells, Chief Executive of Frontgrid, said:

“We're delighted that ParadropVR will be launching at Merlin Entertainment’s iconic new adventure entertainment destination. ParadropVR is a world-first, one-of-a-kind virtual reality attraction, and Bear Grylls is one of the most recognised and celebrated adventurers in the world.”

“The response to ParadropVR has been amazing since we launched the product at the Euro Attractions Show last year. We’re proud to be helping the team at Merlin Entertainments create incredible experiences at The Bear Grylls Adventure and can’t wait to see the reaction from guests.”



ParadropVR at 2018 Trade Shows: EAS and IAAPA Expo

Euro Attractions Show: 25-27 September 2018, Amsterdam

Visit us at Booth 1-1031

Euro Attractions Show 2018 is the largest and the most comprehensive conference trade show in Europe for the amusement park and attractions industry.

Click here to book a meeting or call Matt Wells on +44(0)7753 937 356 

IAAPA Attractions Expo: 13-16 November 2018, Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando

Visit us at Booth 6039

IAAPA Attractions Expo is the largest international trade show for the amusements and attractions industry, featuring 1,100 exhibitors, over 576,000 net square feet of exhibit space, and more than 39,000 participants.

We will be taking ParadropVR to IAAPA Expo - contact us now to book a test flight!

Click here to book a meeting or call Matt Wells on +44(0)7753 937 356 




UK's First Virtual Reality Paragliding Experience Launches at Brighton Pier

First paragliding VR ride in UK & first installation of ParadropVR™ in UK

Visitors to Brighton’s Palace Pier are among the first in the world to try a unique Virtual Reality ride that lets riders paraglide over jaw-dropping scenery at high speed.

Developed by Frontgrid Ltd and operated by Immersivity Ltd in partnership with Brighton Palace Pier, ParadropVR™ combines cutting-edge VR technology with a suspended paragliding harness that moves up and down, giving riders a three-minute taste of a sport that’s usually only available to a few, highly trained adrenalin junkies.

With jets blowing air into their faces to add to the sense of speed, riders steer their paraglider through steep mountain valleys, rendered in realistic high definition graphics. As they do so, the ParadropVR™ harness they are strapped into rises and falls to mimic the soaring, steep ascents and sudden drops of real paragliding.

Frontgrid CEO Matt Wells said: “Hot on the heels of the launch of our world-first ParadropVR™ in Denmark last month, we’re delighted our first UK site is now live at Brighton Palace Pier. We always knew ParadropVR™ would be a hit with thrill-seekers and operators in the UK, but it’s fantastic to see the reaction from visitors at the pier. With more launches in the UK and worldwide imminent, we’re looking forward to helping the whole world fly with ParadropVR™.”

Immersivity Chief Executive Officer, Martin Howe, said: “This ride is the real deal. In just a few days we’ve seen just how much people love it. Some are screaming once they’ve got the headset on and are lifted into the air. Others are just left breathless and exhilarated by the experience. “While this is our first installation – it is already proving that ParadropVR has the potential to be a real hit wherever it goes. And we’re already looking for other sites.”

As well as shrieking at the jaw-dropping scenery flying past, ParadropVR™ riders can test their skills against others, scoring points every time they successfully fly through a target. High scores will go on to a global scoreboard – and available through the ParadropVR™ app.

A spokesperson for Brighton Palace Pier, which is operating the ride in partnership with Immersivity, said: “We’re tremendously excited by the chance to offer our visitors this spectacular experience. It not only complements the thrilling rides we’ve got here, but also adds something really different. We know that in time ParadropVR™ flights will be customisable, so we can’t wait for visitors to be able to fly over Brighton and Brighton Palace Pier.”

Notes to editors

To arrange a visit to Brighton Palace Pier to try ParadropVR™ yourself, to film ParadropVR™ or for interviews please email:, and

For Frontgrid please contact Matt Wells, CEO Frontgrid:

About ParadropVR™

ParadropVR™ is a trademark of global leisure and attractions specialists, Frontgrid ( The fully immersive virtual reality attraction launched at the European Attractions Show last September, and has just been shortlisted as Out of Home VR Entertainment of the Year in the VR Awards 2018.

  • Rides take three minutes per person and cost £7 each
  • Each ride is relayed to a screen so friends and other riders can watch
  • ParadropVR™ is located on the western side of Brighton Palace Pier, within the Fun Fair




Adventure leisure and virtual reality attraction experts Frontgrid Ltd (Frontgrid) has today announced it has entered into an agreement with iFLY Indoor Skydiving to launch the UK’s first fully immersive VR paragliding attraction, ParadropVR.

With 37 centres around the world in the UK, Europe, Asia and USA, global experiential entertainment company iFLY is the world’s largest indoor skydiving company.

The deal with Frontgrid will see the UK’s first ParadropVR attraction launch at iFLY Basingstoke this summer, offering customers an opportunity to experience flying under canopy as well as the exhilaration of indoor skydiving.

Fully immersive VR attraction ParadropVR lets visitors to fly through a virtual mountainous world, collecting points by flying through targets on their descent. Participants control both the physical and virtual gameplay using a full range of motions, including dips and sudden decelerations.

The ParadropVR attraction will be iFLY branded with Frontgrid providing the gamified virtual reality (VR) content and integrated mobile app.

ParadropVR will be offered as an extension to iFLY’s indoor skydiving offering, and will be marketed to leisure visitors  as well as experienced canopy flyers and groups.  

iFLY UK CEO Simon Ward said:

“We’re excited to be launching the UK’s first Paragliding VR experience at iFLY Basingstoke”.

“Our goal has always been to make the dream of flight a reality by giving our customers ‘wings’ in a safe and fun environment. Flying a performance paragliding canopy offers a unique way to experience the thrill of flying, and we’re pleased to be working with Frontgrid to offer this new attraction.”

“With a range of levels from beginner to advanced, the iFLY team were immediately impressed by the compulsive experience offered by ParadropVR”.

Frontgrid co-founder and CEO Matt Wells said:

“With the first ParadropVR launching at Universe Science Park in Denmark next month, we’re delighted to be announcing our first UK site.”

“ParadropVR will introduce a new, high energy social experience to iFLY, who recognise the potential for growth in adventure-based activities and opportunity presented by VR attractions. Groups will be able to play against each other and watch the action on screen, as well as sharing scores on the ParadropVR mobile app.

“We’re pleased to be helping the world’s largest indoor skydiving company open-up new revenue streams, and look forward to introducing ParadropVR to new audiences.”



Trend watch: what will 2018 bring for the attractions industry?

What will 2018 bring for the attractions industry? Here are our thoughts on key trends to watch out for this year...


VR goes mainstream


Virtual reality is becoming less of a novelty and more a necessity. And when you look at the bottom line, it’s easy to see why. From theme parks to museums, zoos to FECs, leisure operators in all sectors face broadly the same challenges; attracting visitors, ensuring they have an amazing experience, and maximising ROI.


As VR technology matures, a greater focus on content is improving the visitor experience. VR headsets are coming down in cost. Operators are realising that replacing content can revitalise an existing ride, at a fraction of the price of building one from scratch.


So is VR now an established mainstay of the attractions industry? It's certainly heading that way. Of the 1,114 companies showcasing new products at the IAAPA Attractions Expo last year, over 60 of them were promoting VR as part of their range. With new projects being announced every week, VR-based attractions are here to stay. 


Adventure, everywhere


60% of Brits say they wish they were more adventurous, and 55% say they have never been on an adventure. That’s according to research carried out by Merlin Entertainments, who are set to open the £20m Bear Grylls Adventure later this year. The mammoth 8,000 square meter attraction is currently under construction at the NEC in Birmingham and is the latest to capitalise on the trend for bringing adventurous experiences to urban environments.


Not all venues have the space or budget to pull off such a large-scale project. But thanks to VR-based attractions like ParadropVR, smaller operators can offer adventurous experiences in a broad range of venues. 


All about IP


From The VOID's Star Wars experience at London Westfield to Paddington at Europa-Park, 2017 saw the launch of a number of exciting VR-enabled IP collaborations. 2018 will see yet more VR partnerships providing fans with new and exciting ways to interact with their favourite brands.


Last week’s announcement of a new partnership with Marvel will see Merlin Entertainments invest a further £1 million in a brand new immersive attraction at Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool featuring Thor, Spider Man and Hulk.


Which will be the next project to get fans talking (and ticket sales soaring?) Answers on a postcard, please.


Personalised experiences


Until recently, going on a ride meant sitting passively and being taken around a track. The latest VR-based attractions let users control their experience, deciding how and where to interact with the content.


Not any more. VR-based attractions make it possible to offer something truly unique and personalised, with no two participants having the same experience. As well having huge benefits in terms of repeat rates, the potential for education and inspiration is massive. Why serve-up the same experience for everyone, when they could be engaging with the content they find most interesting?


Expect to see more VR developments maximising the potential of open world content this year, especially museums and destination-based attractions.


Matt Wells is Co-founder and Chief Executive of Frontgrid. Our world-first, totally immersive attraction ParadropVR will be launching at Universe Science Park next month – get in touch to find out more.



Frontgrid Announces Sale of First ParadropVR™ Attraction Following Successful #EAS17 Launch

We’re thrilled to announce that following a successful launch at Euro Attractions Show 2017 in Berlin last month, Universe Science Park in Denmark will be the first venue to install our unique VR attraction, ParadropVR™. 

Universe Science Park is an educational amusement park which boasts an existing and very successful virtual reality (VR) area. After meeting with Frontgrid at EAS, COO Jonas Luttermann knew that ParadropVR™’s fully immersive, user-controlled attraction would take Universe Science Park’s existing VR offering to a whole new level. Following a series of conversations, an order was placed - and ParadropVR™ is due to launch at Universe Science Park in Spring 2018. 

Developed by Frontgrid and produced by our partner Simworx, ParadropVR™ simulates flying a paraglider, with up and down motion that incorporates sudden drops and smooth deceleration to create a realistic feeling of gliding through the skies.

The four-person, gameified unit is destined to be a key attraction in the VR section of the park. Spectators at Universe Science Park will be able to watch all the action with TV screens installed on each unit; to boost repeat business opportunities, a scoreboard will display how well guests have fared on the attraction compared to fellow visitors at the park. 
Commenting on the decision to add Paradrop VR™ to the venue, Universe Science Park’s COO Jonas Luttermann said: “We are proud to bring the world’s first ParaDrop VR™ to our park. It will be a key attraction to expand our VR attraction, and we’re sure the fully immersive, physical experience will be mind-blowing for our visitors."

We are delighted to be working with our exclusive UK VR partner Simworx on the attraction, which will be up and running by Spring 2018. 

If you would like to learn more about ParadropVR, get in touch.


Frontgrid Launch World-First Virtual Reality Attraction at EAS 2017

Frontgrid will be launching a world-first virtual reality attraction at the Euro Attractions Show in Berlin later this month. 

We are delighted to have partnered with Simworx to create and bring to market the first of our experiences, and to be launching ParadropVR™ at EAS 2017 in Berlin. 

ParadropVR™ (patent pending) is an IP protected, truly immersive virtual reality attraction that simulates flying a paraglider. ParadropVR™ allows the user to fully control the gameplay and movement, with up with up and down motion that incorporates sudden drops and smooth deceleration to create a realistic feeling of gliding through the skies.

The ride also features an interactive game element controlled by the participant, with points awarded to each individual rider as they make their way ‘back down to earth’ via a series of targets through which they must fly to score maximum points.

With a modular design that provides high hourly capacity and low operating costs, ParadropVR™ is ideal for operation in a wide range of venues. Multiple theming and content options are available as well as an integrated mobile app, making it a suitable for theme parks, FECs, museums, shopping malls and destination attractions -  as well as the events and mobile sector.

ParadropVR™ is a totally new concept and we’re hoping it will create significant interest among operators when revealed at the show. A press conference to officially announce the launch of ParadropVR™ will take place at EAS on Wednesday, September 27th, in the press room at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Centre.

If you’re visiting EAS and would like to learn more about ParadropVR™ we’d love to see you - let us know