Entertain, educate, inspire


Entertain, educate, inspire


Following a successful launch at the European Attractions Show EAS 17,  we're pleased to introduce Frontgrid's world-first VR attraction, ParadropVR™.

Offering a truly immersive VR experience which simulates flying a paraglider, ParadropVR™ allows the user to fully control the game play and movement with up and down motion that incorporates sudden drops and smooth deceleration to create a realistic feeling of gliding through the skies.

Featuring integrated gamification and available in a range of configurations and content options, ParadropVR™ is is ideal for a range of venues including family entertainment centres, destination visitor attractions, holiday parks and theme parks.  

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World First - Patent Pending.


  • Differentiated modular design.
  • Standalone activity or integrated into a wider jump park attraction.
  • VR integration options.
  • Total Hourly Ride Capacity THRC (80 - 200+).


  • Jump Park: Urban, Micro, Midway.
  • Standalone: Theme park attraction/second gate.
  • Iconic Anchor Attraction: Shopping Mall, Retail, Sports venues.