Frontgrid - reimagining the future of experiences

Re-imagining the future of experiences

When we stepped back to look at what we create across our business, we realised it was pretty exciting. We build worlds. While pioneering the next frontier of adventure and pushing the boundaries of imagination.

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Creators of ParadropVR

We own the skies when it comes to virtual reality flying experiences. ParadropVR explores environments as diverse as the mountains, desert and outer space.

We offer leading LBE attractions for:

  • family entertainment
  • brand experiences
  • virtual tourism
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Custom made experiences

If you can imagine it we can make it happen. We create custom made experiences, tailored to your brief, including:

  • VR games & environments
  • Esports, events & communities
  • Motion & sensation engineering


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Support ecosystems

We offer operators futuristic experience optimisation, including:

  • Digital & mobile builds, operator control panels
  • Logistics & installation
  • Remote technical & engineering support
  • Destination marketing & esports consultancy
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ParadropVR Pod
Check out our new trailer for ParadropVR Pod

ParadropVR Pod is here!

ParadropVR opens its first location in the US

ParadropVR, is spreading its global canopy and has announced it will open in Sprockets Fun Foundry,...

Frontgrid pleased to announce partnership with ASI

Exclusive distribution partnership for ParadropVR agreed between Frontgrid and Amusement Services...

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