We’re thrilled to announce that following a successful launch at Euro Attractions Show 2017 in Berlin last month, Universe Science Park in Denmark will be the first venue to install our unique VR attraction, ParadropVR™. 

Universe Science Park is an educational amusement park which boasts an existing and very successful virtual reality (VR) area. After meeting with Frontgrid at EAS, COO Jonas Luttermann knew that ParadropVR™’s fully immersive, user-controlled attraction would take Universe Science Park’s existing VR offering to a whole new level. Following a series of conversations, an order was placed - and ParadropVR™ is due to launch at Universe Science Park in Spring 2018. 

Developed by Frontgrid and produced by our partner Simworx, ParadropVR™ simulates flying a paraglider, with up and down motion that incorporates sudden drops and smooth deceleration to create a realistic feeling of gliding through the skies.

The four-person, gameified unit is destined to be a key attraction in the VR section of the park. Spectators at Universe Science Park will be able to watch all the action with TV screens installed on each unit; to boost repeat business opportunities, a scoreboard will display how well guests have fared on the attraction compared to fellow visitors at the park. 
Commenting on the decision to add Paradrop VR™ to the venue, Universe Science Park’s COO Jonas Luttermann said: “We are proud to bring the world’s first ParaDrop VR™ to our park. It will be a key attraction to expand our VR attraction, and we’re sure the fully immersive, physical experience will be mind-blowing for our visitors."

We are delighted to be working with our exclusive UK VR partner Simworx on the attraction, which will be up and running by Spring 2018. 

If you would like to learn more about ParadropVR, get in touch.