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ParadropVR - a journey flying under canopy

Explore any environment you can imagine... from the sky

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ParadropVR combines motion-based hardware and sensational VR content to create a journey flying under canopy.  Fly with your friends in a global league of airborne adventurers.

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Now in ten countries worldwide and counting, ParadropVR is an award-winning attraction.            

Watch this film to find out more about ParadropVR and our latest developments. 






Introducing our hardware

ParadropVR Rize, City-Flyer, Kingpower Mahanakhon Bangkok
ParadropVR Rize

A transformational flying experience.

Rize is a spectacle attraction, offering creative theming opportunities and an exhilarating range of motion.

Be the hero of your own journey.  Explore on your terms.  Master dips and turns, fly through rings and collect points along the way. 

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ParadropVR Pod

A multiplayer VR flying experience.

Compact hardware, suitable for permanent or mobile installations. Designed to be attendant free – touchless payment at self-service kiosk.

Choose your own character, take part in a gamified experience. Offers market-leading esports and events capability.  

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Our games series
Desert with canopy-1
Explore series

Explore from the sky environments as diverse as the mountains, desert & outer space. 

Available on ParadropVR Rize.

Wind turbine-1
Discover series

An inventor kits out a team of adventurers and sets them loose to fly over the mountains.

Available on ParadropVR Pod.

Fly series

Pioneering virtual tourism & edutainment.  We are the creators of location based flying.  

Available on Pod and Rize.

To find out more

Click to find out more about ParadropVR as family entertainment, virtual tourism, or a retail and brand experience. Download our info pack for more detail of our hardware specifications.  Please get in touch to discuss the best options for your location and objectives.

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