Frontgrid Studio



Creativity counts 

Now more than ever, creativity counts. So does skill, and expertise. We're proud to have a highly experienced team that combines all of these. 

As organisations are catapulted into the future, consumers are expecting ever-increasing levels of digital sophistication. High-end graphics and gameplay are only part of the equation. Luckily for us, our team have over 200 years experience between them. 

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Key Capabilities

Our team of 30 highly skilled artists and developers are  experienced in a range of areas including AR, VR and mixed reality.

We have a proven track record in integrating high-end graphics with hardware solutions for everything from haptic devices to heart monitors. 

Specialities include: 

  • AR, VR, Mixed Reality
  • Multi-platform game development
  • Architectural media
  • Educational application
  • Broadcast television production

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