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Interview with Matt Wells - Our Story

Posted by Frontgrid on 13-Sep-2021 17:00:00

The Emergence of Flying Under-Canopy and Virtual Reality

Matt Wells, Co founder and CEO of Frontgrid recorded a sound bite for the Amusement Expo.

For an  insight into Matt's background and how ParadropVR formulated, click on the video below. 

Image: Matt Wells

Matt Wells, Co-founder, and CEO of Frontgrid and Co-inventor of ParadropVR says: “With ParadropVR, not only do you feel like you are under canopy, it feels like you are flying, you can also master dips and dives and you can get a real sensation of speed when you get low. You can get closer to things than you would do in real life. And for us, that was like a real moment, the magic moment, where we realized we had built something really exciting.

ParadropVR™ has been built to deliver an incredibly realistic flying sensation, with self-controlled up and down motion that incorporates sudden drops and smooth deceleration as well as audio and wind effect. 


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